Get To Know Me

Hi! My name is Ben Van Winkle and as you scroll down this page, I’d like to show you some of the figments of my imagination and hopefully inspire your imagination to light up along the way.

I write songs about the human experience. To try to relate to people. From mundane things that we all experience…

to the supernatural things we all imagine….

We all respond to art in our own ways, and even my music that has no intentional meaning seems to evoke strong emotional response from its listeners, and I am so intrigued to learn about how humans react to different forms of stimulus.

This piece, “Pure Music” was intended to just be just that. But it definitely has its moods and ups and downs and seems to evoke emotion anyways.

I sing about things in a personal way. I try to express my self truly and honestly and embrace my vulnerability and awkwardness, which feels surprisingly like acting.

There are moments of intense sadness and longing…

but mostly I just try to express the joy of life…

Did I mention I like to Dance?

 I compose my music for an ensemble for the sole reason of creating music in the moment with other people. where we minimize our dependence on loops electiricity and perfection as much as possible. to really, as musicians and thru our music, express our humanity. and express that we are all just humans.

to evoke emotion in the playing, more than perfection, or even the music. try to evoke a feeling. that’s who am as a musician. that’s who I am as an artist. and that’s what I’m trying to do.